WHAT IS PadPlaces?

PadPlaces  is not yet another generic photographic gallery but a real photo-publishing platform completed by journalistic texts and E-Books. Browse the photographic stories by Andrea Pistolesi in his extensive worldwide reporting, with free download of professional portfolios, some selected photo galleries, stories, videos and E-books. PadPlaces is a gallery of recent works that can be searched geographically and will be updated regularly. With this app the author has the possibility of showing his work after completion, even before it gets published by major magazines internationally. You can keep the stories in your iPad and iPhone for future review.

Follow news updates and stories additions on our blog, or Facebook page, directly accessible from within the App, and interact with the author.


WHY PadPlaces?

iPad has changed the way editorial publications are distributed.

Now we are able to show full stories (not just the selection published on magazines) in the style (often not reproduced by printed publications) and sequence that represents the original author's idea and work.

For a small price, that will depend on novelty and number of images, you can download and keep on you tablet the full stories for future review.


HOW the PadPlaces Application WORKS

You can browse the available stories into four sections:

REPORTAGE includes complete photo galleries on major subjects.

PHOTOGRAPHY  includes photo essays.

STORIES includes text and photos stories, like a chapter of a book or a magazine spread. The writers are major International journalists.

BOOKS includes complete E-Books.

When you select a story you will be taken to a presentation page from which you can choose to buy/download it.

Portfolios and some stories are free to download, the cost of other stories depends on novelty and number of images included.

Once the download is completed that story will remain into your App library, called MY STORIES, for future viewing. If you delete it, you can download it without having to pay again.

When you open a REPORTAGE from the library you will go to a slide show or manual presentation of the images, with or without captions is your choice.

The final page of each story presentation is a text page that may contain articles, short explanations and relevant links.

When you open a STORY or BOOK a reader will show you the pages scrolling.

MORE MENU is offering a geographical search of the stories, a direct link to blog, website, Facebook and Twitter within the application, plus the possibility to mail feedback and requests.



Interacting with the user is an essential part of the PadPlaces project.

Keeping you updated with novelties and having your feedback is very important for us.

The website padplaces.com will give indications on content and news.

The PadPlaces blog will be the opinion and comments exchange place between author and viewers: you are invited to participate on any matter.

The Facebook Padplaces page is also a good way to keep updated.

Through twitter we'll also give updates on new stories addition and relevant news.




Please note that all images involved in the PadPlaces application are covered by full copyright and may be viewed only within the application itself. No other usage, including personal printing, is allowed under the international copyright rules and legislation.

Many of the images included in the presentations may be licensed through the Andrea Pistolesi Archives or other stock agencies: please contact us for further informations before using an image in any way.

PadPlaces is an application for direct presentation and promotion by the author of his work, and is not intended as any other form of distribution of images and related reproduction rights.

The content of the stories in PadPlaces is of photo journalistic nature, therefore is to be considered non-commercial under all current laws and regulations.

The scope of PadPlaces is of information and artistic presentation on specific subjects that are of common interest and don't infringe on private life.

All images are ©Andrea Pistolesi