Of all the changes and innovations in photography in recent years, the most prominent are certainly those that relate to travel photography.


Until a few years ago this was a field reserved for great travellers, who worked on commission and were able to stay on location for as long as it took – dedicating a great deal of time to planning the trip and the photos that would be taken. Those days are gone.


The world has become smaller and more homogeneous thanks to easier travel and globalization, rendering this quest for the exotic futile and out-of-touch.


Photography, particularly digital photography, can be created with automatic cameras that leave little room for technical error. This allows a vast number of travellers to take their own pictures without having any contact with a developer or printer.


On top of which, the culture surrounding photography is now all about immediate sharing. Once we endured boring evenings staring at a projector – and the message was ‘Look where I’ve been!’ Now we have social networks that deliver photos in real time, as if to say: Look where I am right now!


Fortunately, not everyone’s like that. People do still travel for other reasons: out of curiosity, to learn, to know themselves. So photography is no longer simply a source of postcards. It is our way of interpreting the world, of understanding through images that we create and carry home…and maybe even print!


our photographs become stories…


This workshop aims to re-evaluate the term “Travel Photography”


The first order of business is understanding what place photographic service has today: the style, content, ideas and definitions of simple and complex projects. And, rather importantly, travel planning, photo planning, methodologies for organization once you have arrived on location. To sum it up: true photographic work.


During the week we will also dedicate time to methods of presentation and the distribution of images, currently something entrusted to the web.


We will look at creating and presenting a first portfolio, how to edit a photographic service whether it be for publication, a contest, an editor or for personal use.

all, focus and drive: that is our objective.


Really, this is an opportunity to look deep within ourselves, to understand how much of our life we want to dedicate to this passion, in which direction to go to avoid frustrating distractions and how to be sure, in the end that we can be proud of our work.


During the workshop, keeping Villa Lina as our base, we will have the chance to explore the area surrounding us, called Tuscia, and its villages, an also some of the Etruscan areas in Tuscany.


VENUE – Villa Lina  Italy



All images are ©Andrea Pistolesi